1. Delete all restore points. Self-explanatory.
2. Reboot into Safe Mode. Self-explanatory.
3. Log on as Administrator . Self-explanatory.
4. Click the Start button. Self-explanatory.
5. Type the three letters cmd . This is one way to start the Command Processor (the Command Console)
6. Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter . This gives you the option to override the UAC restrictions.
7. Launch the Console session as an Administrator. Self-explanatory.
8. Type these commands and press Enter after each:
    takeown /f "c:\System Volume Information" /a /r /d y . This command assigns ownership of the nominated folder to the Administrator. Type takeown /? to see the meaning of the various switches I used.
    cacls "c:\System Volume Information" /e /t /c /g administrators:F . This command gives full access permissions of the nominated folder to the "administrators" security group (of which Administrator is a member). Type cacls /? to see the meaning of each switch.
    rd /s /q "c:\System Volume Information" . This removes the nominated folder and all its subfolders.